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Connect, energize and grow with other business leaders in the Motor City.

Detroit is known for its entrepreneurial spirit, integrity, strong work ethic and “do what it takes” attitude. But even for the most seasoned professional, it’s never been more challenging than now for local businesses to maintain relevance and drive profitability. That’s why it’s the perfect time to join M3Linked.

The M3Linked Detroit community is made up of high-performing, established professionals who are serious about growing, and supporting their peers to do the same. Our private, invitation-only community is interested in your M3 and helping you advance your mission.

If you’re looking to connect with local business leaders, investors, colleagues, mentors and entrepreneurs and want to become part of this thriving region, then sign up to attend one of our weekly M3Forums, or request a private invitation to the next community event.

Member Testimonials

"FYI, I've been a part of some of the biggest networking groups. Yesterday was one of the most impactful ones that I have been to in years. By the way, those were in a physical space and we hung out for a week. So basically a lot of money and a lot of time. I got 5 new amazing connections yesterday... Just that one meeting. It's brilliant."

Daniel R.

"M3 in a word - “MAGICAL”. That may seem like a strange word to describe an entrepreneurial connecting forum but that’s exactly what it is! The support, encouragement, warmth and connections that I have made in a very short amount of time, has catapulted my future business miles ahead of where I would be, had I not joined! Love the concept, the community of like-minded people and most of all...the team in Detroit! I highly recommend it to anyone looking for support in their new venture or open to helping those starting new ventures!"

Stacey L.

"My experience of M3Linked is totally positive. I love the concept of connecting with other entrepreneurs and people who support them in a curated environment. The customized meeting platform adds a dimension to the meetings that is missing in zoom. It feels more personal and cozy. I look forward to being a part of M3Linked and contributing to its growth."

Barbara B.

"As an entrepreneur attending this gathering for the first time, I felt incredibly welcomed by all participants-- even other guests! The M3Linked community is a mastermind of people from all different kinds of professional backgrounds, which is a big part of what makes this meeting of the minds so valuable. It's EASY to network with other individuals within one's own industry; but anyone who's looking to grow (regardless of what business they're in) needs to develop connections elsewhere, and this forum is the perfect opportunity for that! While I understand that before the pandemic, these events were happening in person, M3Linked provides such an amazing virtual networking opportunity! Not only is there an environment of positivity and growth in general, but the space that this group utilizes to connect is the closest thing I've seen that is able to so closely mimic in-person networking. I was highly impressed by the quality of individuals I was able to converse with in this forum-- from CEOs to public speakers to highly successful serial entrepreneurs. So many opportunities to connect with new faces... So much to learn! Anyone who takes the time out of their schedule to attend a M3Linked event is putting themselves in an excellent position for business growth. 10/10 would recommend!"

Charley M.

"I was very much impressed by this great event. I met a lot of new people, had new business connections, and had an opportunity to talk about my business and my company. The virtual design is amazing, it offers you a chance to rotate among the tables, talk to the people. Moreover, you know all the contact details from the personal card labeled."

Irene M.

"I have been a member of M3Linked of Florida since the inception. I found that many members here are so kind, helpful and supportive. The best connection I made here lead me to a movie project for me. I also receive more fabulous referrals and connections. I enjoy attending our weekly meeting here. Thank you David Hart for offering this fabulous group."

Sara I., DTM, Award-winning Author, Inspirational Speaker, Wellness Consultant

"M3Linked Detroit has made an indelible impact on my life personally and professionally. The relationships that began in the M3Forum have grown into priceless confidants, mentors and supporters. The members are beyond generous with their expertise and time and hold me accountable to deadlines and deliverables so nothing on my journey to entrepreneurship gets lost in the cracks.

My M3MasterMind group provides the structure I need to keep me on track as well as giving me an outlet to help others achieve their big dreams too. It feels incredible to have smart, savvy collaborators by my side (and willing to push back) as I grow a new business from scratch and stretch my wings.

You can fly too! Try one M3Forum and you will be hooked. There is nothing else like it anywhere."

Carolyn K., Author, Master Connector

"M3Linked is truly an impactful and welcoming professional group, ranging from aspiring to highly accomplished entrepreneurs and leaders of industry. All proactively share their business acumen to mentor and assist others, while broadening their own contacts throughout the communities where we live, work and positively contribute to society."

COL David A., USA Ret, Board Chair, K9 Partners

"I was captivated by M3Linked because of its fantastic forum and professional platform where you continuously connect with selfless community thought leaders in a comfortable setting. What resonated with me about M3Linked is they are authentic about relationship building where you can share your wisdom while learning from other business owners and entrepreneurs. It is apparent that they are committed to enhancing your personal and professional growth."

Alyssa W., CPA, CFP® Senior Managing Director

"I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to join M3Linked. When I attended my first meeting as a guest I was immediately struck with the quality of the members. It truly is a community of entrepreneurs, founders and business leaders and it has provided me with multiple benefits. As a member I have forged new relationships with other members that have given me business opportunities that I would not have otherwise had. I was also invited to become a board member of a company from a connection I made at M3Linked. I enjoy the format and as I stated, I am impressed with the quality, experience and diversity of their members. It is energizing to attend and participate in the weekly Forums and I always learn something new during each one."

Matthew R., VP Sales

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    M3Linked allows first-time guests to attend one of our private M3Forums free of charge. Guests are typically invited by a current member of an M3Linked Community. However, if you don’t know a member of our M3Linked Community, yet you would like to attend an M3Forum, please select a city near you below, fill out the form with your information, and pick a date to attend.