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M3Forum offers more than the traditional networking group. This experience allows you to meet other members, take the stage to present your 60-second elevator pitch and share expert insights for long-term success in breakout sessions with our exclusive community of business leaders and entrepreneurs.

High-impact weekly meetings provide both members and guests with a platform that enables you to forge life-changing bonds that can be leveraged not only for your business but also personally and for your community. Depending on the location, your nearby M3Forum will be operating in-person and virtual.

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The M3Linked Experience


Members are eager to connect, meet guests and help grow each other’s business and share valuable ideas.

  • Arrival
    Members and guests meet, connect, get energized and brainstorm ways to help each other.
  • Introductions & Presentations
    Each member and guest is introduced by the M3Linked Executive Director and each attendee is given 60 seconds to present their M3Methodology.
  • Breakout
    Your chance to connect, collaborate and begin building relationships with other professionals who can change your life or business, and who you can impact as well.
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