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M3Select is a skill and topic-based Mastermind experience focusing on specialty skills such as Sales, Marketing, Capital Raising, Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions and more. These monthly, half-day experiences are hosted by subject-matter experts and serve as an extraordinary opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop and enhance specific talents for their entrepreneurial journey.

M3Select provides entrepreneurs the real-life, practical skills they need to grow in their role and are a foundational component of the M3Linked collaboration & professional growth experience.

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Experts and thought leaders share their insights and experiences on specific skills in our specialty Mastermind format.

M3Select is an exclusive opportunity for members to gain valuable insights and focused education on specific, business-related topics, all geared towards entrepreneurship and growth. You will benefit from the observations and reactions of the group and learn how to sharpen your skills and you share perspectives and experiences in this collaborative experience.

We take Masterminds & entrepreneur education to the next level! Learn more today!

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