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M3Mastermind groups meet monthly to help you gain insights into the habits and best practices of successful executives and thriving entrepreneurs. Each meeting consists of 8-10 M3Linked members dedicated to supporting each other as you focus on growing your business and deepening strategic relationships.

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Meet monthly with your peers and discuss the challenges and opportunities every entrepreneur or business leader must manage in order to succeed.

Napoleon Hill called mastermind "the 9th key to riches" while others have referred to this type of in-depth business collaboration as "the secret advantage of successful leaders."

Your M3Mastermind draws on decades of collective experience and understanding to benefit each member with a fresh perspective and create applicable, actionable steps that will propel you forward to extraordinary success. These Experiences meet for ½ day, once a month. During their Mastermind members share their business struggles, personal challenges, and achievements.

Often referred to as a peer exchange group or forum, each M3Mastermind offers much more and goes beyond the surface — operating based on the "nothing, nobody, never" philosophy. In other words, every exchange of information occurs under a non-disclosure agreement for absolute confidentiality, which enables authentic dialogue.

"The value M3Mastermind has brought to my business — and personal life — is immeasurable."

- M3Mastermind member

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