How to Foster and Grow Business: The Collaboration Revolution

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Every business owner needs at least some sort of guidance. Whether in the start-up phase creating a business plan or optimizing operations to improve an already successful company, leaders finding the most success are those who are always willing to learn more.

Entrepreneurs and executives often attempt to pinpoint specific characteristics of high achievers. Terms such as “effort” and “determination” are overwhelmingly treated as a magic bullet. But the most successful business leaders understand hard work alone isn’t enough; the best results happen when that hard work is paired with another characteristic – meaningful collaboration.

As business evolves, so does the world of collaboration. Communities are more connected than ever, boardrooms are tackling new challenges, and executives crave more than the broad-net concept of networking that has so often been cited as the key to success.

M3Linked is founded on the principles of elevating these concepts and leading the collaboration revolution. With communities across the country and opportunities to develop more, the franchise offers business leaders the chance to lift their business and the business environment in their city.

It’s clear there are new keys to success.

Connect and Energize to Grow Business

The saying, “it’s not what you know but who you know,” doesn’t cut it anymore. Rather than relying strictly on connections to reach an executive position, the importance of leveraging the knowledge and expertise of those connections proves more useful over time.

Entering an environment where you can tap into the collective knowledge of other entrepreneurs and executives makes a difference. You can receive actionable advice and get real solutions to your business challenges. Inspiration is everywhere in those scenarios, and lessons can be integrated into your business – as long as you approach collaborative situations with the correct mindset.

Giving, Not Taking

Too often, business leaders enter a collaborative space with the expectation of receiving value. The real key to leveraging your connections in a tangible way is to upend that mindset and approach the collaboration with an expectation of sharing your own insights.

You move beyond simple networking when you approach these opportunities with a willingness to provide value to others. Your experiences and expertise could help others solve the challenges they’re facing, creating a mutually beneficial relationship that energizes both parties to grow business successfully. That not only improves your business but also lifts the level of collaboration in your community to show other leaders the value of these connections.

Diversify Your Thinking

One of the most important developments in the revolution of business collaboration is the desire to bridge communities together. In business, every experience and background matters. When trying to identify better hiring practices or target new audiences, businesses are better served when their leaders are exposed to similarly dedicated and qualified people with a diverse set of thoughts and skills.

That diversity comes in many different forms, from breaking down barriers across gender, generational or racial lines to simply connecting business leaders across industries. No matter the background you bring into a boardroom, widening the spectrum of expertise exposes you to perspectives you might not have encountered otherwise.

M3Linked: Leading the Collaboration Revolution

The growing importance of more meaningful collaboration is why M3Linked is quickly becoming the nation’s leader in business collaboration, and why growing an M3Linked community is such an exciting business opportunity. While networking groups have long offered that shallow connection, the invitation-only in-person and virtual forums led by M3Linked attract business leaders because of their desire for more meaningful cooperation towards tangible goals.

As business leadership transforms, the environment in which those leaders can energize each other and grow business becomes more important. Entrepreneurs and executives no longer want a public meet-up that doesn’t look beyond surface connections. They want actionable insights into the plans or problems their companies are facing, while building a community of like-minded leaders with diverse experiences.

To be a part of the business collaboration revolution in your community, learn more about franchising opportunities with M3Linked today.